Simon Armitage

The Death of King Arthur.

Here begins the Death of Arthur. In the name of the Father,

The Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen for Charity. Amen.


Now many God, great and glorious, by His very grace

and the precious prayers of His perfect mother,

shield us from shame and sinful deeds,

and through His grace may we guide and be governed

in this wretched world, so by virtuous ways

we may come to His court, the kingdom of heaven,

where our soul and body shall sever their bond

and abide there by Him in bliss forever;

and may words trip from my tongue at this time,

not hollow and vain but in honour of Him,

and which profit and please every person who hears them.

You who are listeners and love to learn

of the heroes of history and their awesome adventures

who were loyal to the law and loved Almighty God

come closer and heed me; hold yourselves quiet

and I’ll tell you a tale both noble and true

The poet introduces the poem


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